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Their only motivation is profit, and they operate on the fringes of the law, deliberately misrepresenting the purpose of their products.

Us rc enthusiasts are glad they exist, but I don't think many of us unreservedly trust the faceless people behind these websites.

Even more options exist in GURPS Fantasy (including a chapter dedicated to monsters), GURPS Banestorm (loads of racial templates), and other sources, if you care to dig around.

The problem isn't the lack of monsters, though, it's the lack of detail on these monsters. It's all fine and well to know what a Vampire or a Dragon is like, racially, but what sorts of skills, weapons and powers does he actually have?

The latter usually happens, so they can chalk it up as another intellectual victory and start looking for the next debate.

As much as I want to promote freedom of speech, creationist activists are a category of people I would like to censorship out of existence. But it appears that even an atheist like myself has his ideological cross to bear.

Smoking to absorb the nicotine produced by the leaves of Nicotiana tobaccum through the lining of our lungs widely garnered public floggings in Renaissance Europe—or worse.

So, at the request of my Dungeon Fantasy GM, I put together what follows in this thread: a list of "occupational" templates that can be quickly applied to a monster to give it a role within combat, and a large list of example monsters, ready for any dungeon. I'm a veteran GURPS GM, running on 15 years of experience now, and I created this document for another GM, who promptly used it for his DF campaign which ran for several sessions, but not for long as campaigns are measured. However, the best of us make mistakes all the time. We forget a rule, or over- or underestimate player capability.

I bet Kromm himself has some embarrassing stories to tell about "obvious" mistakes that only turned up after a thorough playtesting.

Is a pretty disgusting practice but I'm sure the profit margins will help 'em get over the shame and guilt Or maybe they really did have a crack () at making the intended chem, failed and decided to get their money back and hope nobody notices.

Which is still pretty shitty behaviour.^ In truth nobody really knows what goes on in these grey market businesses.

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