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Fèis Rois read out the two poems in the middle of a set and a winner was picked based on how loud the laughter and applause was."I think it brings it out in people and reminds them and connects them to their culture."There was also the chance for people not familiar with the traditional Scottish cuisine of haggis and blood sausage to give it a try.A highlight of the festival was a limerick competition, with judges narrowing dozens of entries down to just two.The humorous five-line poems must have the first, second and fifth lines rhyming.Workshops in traditional music, dancing, storytelling and arts and craft were offered across the weekend.

Do I have to mention that FUN is really the key word here?

Each date lasts for 5 minutes with a break half way through the evening to socialize and enjoy some delicious appetizers.

At the end of the night, you will give Matchcard back to the host.

Key Love Entertainment is hosting Victoria’s finest Speed Dating events.

Stop waiting for the perfect person to come and sweep you off your feet – Speed Dating is hottest new way to meet people!

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