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Congratulations 2016 Open Text Elite™ Award Winners!The Open Text Elite Awards are presented annually at the Open Text user conference, Enterprise World.The scenario in this article is based on two fictional companies - and - using two separate Office 365 tenants.Contoso has purchased Fabrikam and is moving the Fabrikam users and data to the Office 365 tenant.The following illustration shows the Contoso_Sub subsidiary network before being migrated into the Contoso parent network.The following illustration shows the after state, where the users and any external networks and users have been migrated from Contoso_Sub to the Contoso, Ltd. Notice that the subsidiary network and its content are not available after migration.

You can do this by migrating the subsidiary networks into your parent network. wants to keep the pharmaceutical employees in their own network but wants to move employees from Contoso_to would migrate the users from the Contoso_subsidiary to the parent network.You can migrate one or more Yammer networks with their own email domains ("subsidiary" networks) to a larger Yammer Enterprise network ("parent" network).The subsidiary networks can be either Yammer Basic or Yammer Enterprise, but the parent network must be enterprise activated.When moving to the Office 365 environment quite commonly the old on-premises structure must be preserved.Sometimes it is because the migration process can take quite a bit of time to finish, sometimes because the company wants to follow the hybrid scenario, when both environments are used.

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The final addressing scheme was chosen for simplicity and brevity but can of course be modified to meet your requirements.

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