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Rather than pushing me to talk about things I was uncomfortable with, our chat was completely normal.

Online Consultations allow you to meet with a consultant online in real time and have a conversation through text chat, audio chat, or video chat.e Tutoring allows you to get written feedback from a consultant; you will reserve an appointment time but will not meet online in real time. Please be sure to select either "Online Video Consultations" or "e Tutoring Feedback" from the schedule page drop down menu.Learn more about Online Consultations and e Tutoring Feedback. But we can empower them to better navigate online spaces and interactions—What are red flag words?What are some general rules to follow when you’re having a conversation online?

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With the help of a hidden earpiece, a ‘source’ whispers words into the ear of a ‘shadower’ , who repeats them. A researcher in another room is listening in on what the interactant says, via a hidden microphone, and types the interactant’s words into a chat-bot program. Unbeknownst to them, the stranger’s words were being controlled by a chat-bot (either Cleverbot, Rose, or Mitsuku).