Rickenbacker vintage dating

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They are perfectly imperfect, giving us the best of both worlds. Unlike humbuckers, for example, this type of unit has a very wide bandwidth . Since I have a 345, getting that sound out of the Ric isn't a priority, but I believe Seymour Duncan may be able to rewind the Ric buckers or possibly come up with something that wouldn't require routing the guitar.

I've seen a few Rics routed out for PAFs - very sad site right up there with putting a Floyd Rose on a Tele - IMHO.

One look at a Rickenbacker really catches your eye, doesn’t it?

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Rickenbacker has been making electric guitars and musical instruments since 1931.

Founded in Los Angeles, Rickenbacker pioneered in the development of modern electric guitars, sound amplification and the very first “Resonators”.

[The following article is a compilation of data from various sources describing the different Rickenbacker bass models.

This article also gives as brief history as to when the different features were added or discontinued.] (Note: Dates in parentheses are from various sources.

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Rickenbacker guitars and bass guitars have been played by a variety of musicians over the years – from Hawaiian musicians of the 1930s and jazz bassists of the 1990s, to a list of rock legends that includes George Harrison, Pete Townshend, Tom Petty, Radiohead, U2 and many more.