Radiometric dating of meteorites from another solar system

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For forty years Lord Kelvin had completely demolished all opposition.

New dating of lunar rocks add to a growing body of evidence that the Moon and Earth were pelted by a flurry of large meteorites during a relatively brief geologic time span about 3.9 billion years ago.

All the craters are a record of past impacts, and unless obliterated by a subsequent larger impact, the craters remain relatively intact because the Moon has no air to weather them and little internal activity like the volcanoes and earthquakes that constantly remake our planet.

Any meteorite activity that affected the Moon probably affected Earth as well, scientists say. "Unfortunately, we haven't found many very old rocks on Earth because our planet's surface is constantly renewed by plate tectonics, coupled with erosion," Duncan said.

Those who think that science has proved the earth is billions of years old should find this book disturbing.

Extreme concentrations of boron result in economic evaporitic deposits, and, thus, water-soluble boron minerals, notably borax, have been among the most accessible of useful compounds to humankind, even in antiquity.

The lower left part of the image shows a portion of the Moon visible from Earth while the upper right area shows the heavily cratered lunar far side.

To the uninitiated, a history like hers is one of the best ways to understand a subject.

In a game, the score is determined, not by impersonal scientific meas­urement, but by the strength, skill and creativity of the players.

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Lewis clearly shows that the quest for the age of the earth is not objective science but a subjective, arbitrary and erratic pursuit. Some reviewers must have urged her to use a different title, but what could be more fitting than My dictionary defines ‘game’ as ‘a contest for amusement in the form of a trial of chance, skill or endurance according to a set of rules’.

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