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You see, it could be 100% quiet in his room, but he could be going through his dresser, or standing on his bed, or any number of other non-sleep things.Usually that meant he needed a diaper change, to be honest.The site that started the rumor appears to be all fake with what also seems to be great Photoshop skill.After looking more into this site they are also being being sued by about a dozen or so celebs for making up nude celebrity news, however in the celeb biz any press is good press so nothing has come out of all those lawsuits as of yet.I don’t know what do you think, does it look like me?I am going to go make another one right now, want to be the cameraman?

Welcome to Speedy Cams' Chat Roulette Alternative, a random video chat room site. And now, here we are, at a point where if you're going to chat, you almost have to have a webcam. This video is definitely not one of my favorites and in a couple weeks, I’m 100% sure I’ll regret posting it.Let me tell you why I don’t like it and you can tell me what your thoughts are. Camera Movement/Angle’s – we should of always shot with a still camera, not a hand held. That is NOT me being hard on myself – that is me being honest with myself. I know what kind of content and expectations I have moving forward. Looking back on it, it’s just not very professional. There I said it – but all these things, I consider good. Also, tell me when my hair is doing something crazy and stupid so the content doesn’t come out that way.

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