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“His place in the entertainment business is legendary …don’t need to puff him up too much he has a healthy sense of self”, Obama joked about Katzenberg, with the president adding that “my ears were the inspiration for Shrek”.• Jimmy Kimmel and his longtime girlfriend Molly Mc Nearney tied the knot on Saturday in Ojai, Calif., with » - Maggie Coughlan George Lucas has just pulled off his biggest production in years and this time it definitely won't ruin your childhood.According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lucas threw a massive party right here in our own galaxy — more specifically, Chicago, Il.

Previously, George Lucas dated film editor Marcia Lou Griffin, who won an Academy Award for her editing work on the original Star Wars film.

— over the weekend to celebrate his new marriage to Mellody Hobson.

The couple had tied the knot on June 22 in a private ceremony in his California-based Skywalker Ranch but took things semi-public on Saturday with an intergalactically star-studded affair. Reportedly, Lucas and Hobson pulled out all the stops for their Windy City-based shebang.

Mellody Hobson, chairwoman of Dream Works Animation » - Ted Johnson Update, Pm Writethru: President Obama took to the stage today for a speech on the economy at Dream Works Animation, the company run by one of his biggest Hollywood bundlers Jeffrey Katzenberg.

After being introduced by Mellody Hobson — the Dwa board chairman from Aerial Capital Management, a Chicago native and longtime friend — he thanked Katzenberg for inviting him before launching into a pro-Hollywood and pro-economy message tailored to the crowd estimated at 1800-2000 that included Dwa employees and pretty much every entertainment mogul in the city.

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It was a private wedding ceremony for the Star Wars filmmaker and media was not allowed to attend this low-key profile marriage event.