Lisa raye mccoy dating bishop noel jones

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Lisa raye mccoy dating bishop noel jones

And when I get myself together, I know God is gonna bless me with that, because I don’t want to come with extra baggage. I’ll come with some, but it’s not fair to him to come with a whole bunch.” So where did this new enlightenment come from? We first were introduced to Lisa Raye in the 1998 film, “Player’s Club,” where she portrayed a hot-bodied dancer named Diamond. Automatically I’m like, ‘Boy move.’ You know what I mean? Because now you’re not gonna give me a real chance because you’re like, ‘You do look good in person.’ It’s like, ‘OK. Rather than spend a lot of time trying to find out (because these people are deceptive & secretive) I'll turn the fact finding over to you.

Noel Jones is the pastor of the City of Refuge Church located in Gardena, California.

According to Cocoa Fab reports: We rather love Lisa Raye and her keep-it-real way of delivering a message, yes? I want to start dating the man that I’m gonna marry.

Cocoafab got to hang out with her recently on the set of her hit VH-1 show “Single Ladies,” and the 45-year-old stunner talked about how she’s trying something she’s never done before – not having sex. I’ve tried everything but celibacy, and I really want to know what it feels like to be touched by someone with a mental touch and not a physical touch,” she shares. I want to start having some fun with someone that I know I’m gonna be with.

“But at the same time, she’s getting really tired of hiding and trying to avoid all the questions.” PHOTOS: Celebrities Involved In The Biggest Baby Scandals!

Tired of hiding, Stacy, 42, eventually confirmed Bishop Jones is her daughter’s father exclusively telling Radar, “I love him very much and I am not ashamed of my baby.

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Jones, born in 1950 in Spanish Town, Jamaica, was one of seven children born to Marjorie and Robert Jones.