Kathy griffin dating younger man

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Now what's it like in the commercial break with Liz Taylor? The 51-year-old comedienne and her 33-year-old beau, Randy Bick, were snapped holding hands as they left dinner in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and Radar has the photos.

In addition, her relationships and dating life are also featured.

The pilot episode of the show was broadcast on August 3, 2005.

The series focuses on Griffin's scheming for publicity with staffers Jessica, Tiffany, and Tom.

Griffin had titled her first Bravo comedy special The D-List (2004), to imply that her pull as a bottom-feeder celebrity was so low, she didn't even make the "C-list." The special was so popular that the network later approached Griffin to film a reality series based on her celebrity-bashing comedy.

Despite living a life of low-celeb status, where she assists in judging a drag queen beauty pageant, attempts to recruit celebrities to come to her annual Toys for Tots fundraiser, tries to get a free sofa for her in-the-works A-List house, and "bombs" with her raunchy comedy at a stuffy charity dinner, Kathy gets all of the support she needs from her parents, her husband, her wonderful assistant, her two "best gays," and her live-in gay visionary, Mike, who is designing Kathy's house for next-to-free in exchange for the publicity that will come with the house. Reilly, and Warren Beatty The always-busy Kathy takes on as much as she can handle before her big Toys for Tots fundraiser, including shopping for more furniture, getting a next-to-free custom-made sofa, flying to Oregon for a celebrity poker tournament, going to Las Vegas to film a commercial for the Billboard Awards, and still finding time to plug her upcoming DVD, Allegedly, on Extra.

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"The image is too disturbing; I understand how it offends people.

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