Joy of single christian dating research dangers internet dating

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Joy of single christian dating

Here's what I learned."What do you want your life to be like if you never get married? The truth is, God hasn't promised any of us marriage.

The truth is, some singles struggle to feel joy for others who are in a relationship.

So we're left with hounding questions: What exactly is God doing with our lives? So I set out on a journey in search of the truth about being single. challenged me with this question when I was struggling to find contentment being single.

They aren't content, and it seems impossible that they ever could be.

Things to note – Joy: When I first got to talk to Edric, I immediately noticed that he was different than most of the guys in college. He was straightforward, honest, and easy to talk to.

We were both blessed to have been raised with a godly set of values, so we had a lot in common. So initially, I guarded my heart because I did not want to get involved with someone who did not share the same faith.

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It doesn’t matter if God’s breath is living and breathing all over a godly relationship; sometimes, people just can’t be truly happy for others because of the pride and pain of being single.

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