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Is sam winchester dating ruby

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Along the way she meets fellow humans Claire and Jacob and when she met Jacob she fell in love with him and wanted to be his girlfriend.

Ruby cares about her best friend Jacob and is willing to keep him happy though she knows about his parents.

Age 8: Dean and Sam are again on their own in a motel in Broken Bow, Nebraska on Christmas Eve.

Until this age Sam believes his mother died in a car accident, and doesn’t know John is a hunter.

“I see.”“You’re not even pretending to be sympathetic,” Sam accused.“No,” Loki agreed, and turned a smile over his shoulder. She was smart, she was sexy, she was confident and had an edge on her to rival Loki’s. “She’s a manipulative bitch,” he’d said after five minutes talking to her the first time. “You managed it, after all.” Sam had the powerful urge to throw up his hands and leave both of them there to rip each other to shreds, but that was just…Sam not being a morning person talking.“Loki,” he said, and stopped.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”“Uh huh,” Sam said. According to Sarah, they were ‘looking for different things.’ “Oh,” said Loki blandly, when Sam broke the news. Ruby, it occurred to Sam sometimes, was the kind of girl he would have been terrified of in high school. “I haven’t yet found anyone of personality.” Sam’s eyes flicked down at the small motion at the corner of his eye, and found Loki’s fingers digging into the couch cushion, knuckles white.“I suppose it can’t be so hard,” he said, with the glib smile that practically screamed warnings.

I suppose.” Sam narrowed his eyes in Loki’s direction.“I’d believe that more if I couldn’t practically smell the judgment coming off you.”“Judgment? “All right, perhaps a little bit.”“Sarah’s sweet,” Sam protested. “—okay, maybe, but there’s usually ”Loki considered that. “And smiles too often.”“Dude,” said Sam, giving him an odd look, “You realized how messed up that sounds, right? Advance warning would be sufficient.”Sam was not entirely sure if Loki was joking or not. A moment later it was smoothed away.“Well,” Loki said haughtily.

Sam cannot control when the premonitions occur or what they're about, and they are often accompanied by intense headaches.

Sam and Dean theorize that Sam only has premonitions when they are somehow related to the Yellow-Eyed Demon.

“I am appalled that you would think I would do such a thing.” Sam just looked at him, and Loki’s wounded expression cracked into a crooked grin. “Only I would perhaps rather you did not bring her home while I am present. ” He said blankly, and Loki’s eyes flicked to him, something briefly perplexed in his gaze.

Ruby Winchester is the wife of Jacob Winchester, the sister-in-law of Claire and the in-law of Dean and Sam. Ruby is a reincarnated human who by the request of Jacob was brought back to life as a human by Castiel.

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Ruby shows up and tells them that she is brought back as a human and that her and Jacob are dating and this angers Dean so he pins her to the wall and Jacob punched Dean in the face and tells him to leave her alone.

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