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Her then boyfriend, Alfred Duncan, 41, surprised her with a proposal and a wedding on the same day.

Well, now we know why The Emo One has been posting all those thirst traps on Instagram and turning up at places like Wimbledon and WTA tour events lately. Common (Serena’s ex) and Drake famously beefed over her at one point, and Drake and Williams dated back in 2011, but she dropped him after he was photographed on a date with model Dollicia Bryan.

“We’ve been friends for, like, so many years,” Williams said. Nothing throws people off the gossip trail like suggesting that the relationship they think is more than platonic would actually be incestuous.

“Just like family.” She didn’t just friend-zone Drake. Although, husbands are also family, and recent developments certainly seem to indicate that Drake’s qualities run more to the husband end of the spectrum than the brother one.

I was miserable, and shortly after I left with my daughters. I feared dating with kids in the beginning." Her breakthrough: "Two people must be willing to give it a try and get through things together.“It’s like once I’ve experienced that person its like man, sometimes life goes on,” he explained.“I can’t say I never would go back but Serena and Erkyah was the most serious relationships that I had as an adult and after, it’s one of those things, it’s like, ‘I have to move forward.’ It was real love right there. I was like if I’m not supposed to be there, we’re just supposed to be friends.” I feel the same way, can’t ever go back to an ex. Continue reading on Page 2 While Common revealed that he could have married those chicks, then have changed since then.I do like relationships, but a lot of times when I’m in relationships, I don’t make my best albums.Put it this way, I would have to find the right relationship.

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