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With so many students, large lecture classes can become a necessity — leading to a lack of personal attention from a professors.

To combat this, Craig Wiegert and Steven Lewis began teaching their PHYS 1251 and PHYS 1252 classes with the innovative ‘scale- up’ method this semester.

Math is already one of the subjects most students struggle with because it is not a class of memorization but of understanding concepts.

Having to learn calculus through an online textbook with no instructor makes it even more difficult than the subject already is for many students.

This approach gets students more involved in their own learning, Wiegert said.

Lewis said the approach also prepares students for the job market.“This is the inaugural semester of these ‘scale-up classes’ and we're teaching about 50 students in our new classroom.

Most students may recall the benefits of learning math from a high school teacher, as a majority of these in-person instructions were taught by working through problems step by step.

In all of our classes here at Virginia Tech, we have educated professors teaching us their material and making time for questions.

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