Dating someone special needs child

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You should remove this horribly inaccurate and insensitive post. This post may reflect possibilities for the less severe special needs situations, but it’s actually offensive to minimize the situations you clearly know nothing about. I asked this poster for more information about her situation, and why romance, sex and love is out of the question. Does romance have to mean full-time, traditional marriage- or something that works for both parties? I didn’t know who I really was until he was in my life. I am truly lucky and privileged to have him as my son.

For a certain subset of us, our kids are so severe, there is no sitter available. Here is a summary of our exchange: Me: Can you elaborate in a way that would want me to engage? Mom: I have a 15 year old son, who is severely disabled. That being said, because of his disabilities, my life is unique. In order to do so I will need to share some graphic details. My son has severe, nonverbal autism, debilitating obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar mania, two inoperable brain tumors, severe epilepsy and possibly schizophrenia.

My BF lost his wife just over a year ago and was left behind with an 8 year old girl.

Not just a regular 8 year old, but a special child as they are called here. His daughter is blind and most likely she will never live on her own.

At my age, I’m 55, I have finished my parental part in life, I raised two wonderful human beings and I am free to go do the things I dream of.

So falling in love with this man includes a new challenge.

"Just let him meet David, then explain that he's a child with autism.In fact, for mothers with really severe situations, this is borderline shaming. People of all kinds of disabilities, challenges have found beautiful love and romance. Here is where I’m having trouble understanding: Could you find, say, three hours per week, or every two weeks, to go on a date?Stick to writing about subjects you know something about – or at the very least, properly research your topics. You have made a very vulnerable subset of single mothers feel even worse. After all, I don’t have a special needs child, and my knowledge of the subject is from the periphery. I say the following with zero shaming, but simply sharing what I wonder: Objectively, we put a man on the moon. Could one of those dates lead to love, companionship, a lover with a man whose life fits yours in a way that satisfies you both? No one in my life has ever loved or respected me the way he does. He's a fact of life and a part of my life and I wouldn't trade him, or his sister for the world. But I'm going to be dating a lot more soon (well, hopefully I am...) and I don't really know whether I should talk about my disabled kid or just talk about my kid and mention his disability at a later time. Oh, please, don't for one minute think he's my dilemma, because he's not.

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Once he's met him, the word won't be so scary."She's right.

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