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They can make a routine evening into something special. The emotionally sensitive (ES) point of view: “I do everything I can to make him happy. This relationship is so one-sided, he seems selfish to me or maybe he doesn’t love me enough.” Non-Emotionally Sensitive (non ES) point of view: “She couldn’t be more perfect—exactly the person I was looking for. But as time passed, she seemed to have a problem with each of my friends.I dress to please him, I entertain his friends, I learned to play golf, I pay attention to whatever he wants and try to make it happen for him. She knows what I want before I do and fits in perfectly with everything I do and all my friends. She would check on me all the time and accuse me of not really loving her, not paying enough attention to her.Losing someone they love is terrifying, an experience that is so painful that they may wonder if they can survive it.To protect themselves, the emotionally sensitive may form relationships in ways that may hurt the relationship in the long run.

The trouble often happens when one person sees that as a challenge, and they think they can be the one who can change their mind and charm them into a deeper relationship.They will be very reluctant to move the relationship on to the next level, even if it is just in the very beginning stages.Simplified, an EU will not be in a position to allow themselves to fall in love and they will struggle to “show up” and be accountable in the relationship.These are traits that were typically only credited to men, that women display now, and SMART men LOVE that. The woman that ANY and EVERY man tries to avoid, is the woman who can unemotionally approach dating and relationships with a mindset similar to that of a man – Before I get called a chauvinistic pig, let me explain.I, like most men, are weary about giving our hearts to a woman, but when we do make ourselves vulnerable and start to build a special bond with her, it is extremely important to us to know that what we are creating is mutually important to both of us.

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If you find yourself constantly asking yourself if you are overreacting or being too sensitive, it is time to move on.