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Dating on bigfoot

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The now-extinct ape was the largest ever known — and thanks to Disney’s new concept of King Louie in Jon Favreau’s update of “The Jungle Book,” is enjoying new popularity.

“Gigantopithecus is thought to be what the Yeti or Bigfoot might be,” Loren Coleman, director of Portland, Maine’s one-of-a-kind International Cryptozoology Museum, explains to The Post.

as if that makes it less outrageous.'But things went awry when the wood ape came looking for them in return, he said.

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Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and more may soon cross over from fiction to fact.

You might have been surprised to find your news feed filled with stories about the scientifically confirmed existence of “unicorns” back in March.

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Coleman adds that the pop-culture impact of the film’s inclusion of that creature — above the ape or orangutan, as shown in previous imaginings of the classic tale — has been felt on his end. “The hobbits were a very big deal because they were recently extinct, and they very much match the stories of ‘little people’ — the Menehune in Hawaii and some in Ebu Gogo,” Coleman says.