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Mumler, who was acting as a medium in a trance, soon declared the resemblance. Above: Master Herrod with the spirits of Europe, Africa and America, 1870-72. Bridgwater, Mass." as a young medium whose trance in front of the camera called up the spirits of Europe, Africa and America. Dow had testified for the defence at Mumler's trial for fraud in New York in 1869. Glover, Quincy, Mass., with the spirit of his mother, 1870-1875 Above: Charles H. Oxon) and Mr and Mrs Parkes with a draped figure, recognised as the mother of the sitters, 1872-1873.

American Spiritualists recognised the prominent place given to spirits in Native American and African cultures, and this image illustrates the kinship they felt toward their spiritual traditions. Above: Mrs Fannie Conant, a well known Boston medium connected with the Spiritualist journal The Banner of Light, is seen here with the spirit of her brother Chas. Crowell, "fully recognised by all who knew him", 1870-1875 Above: Herbert Wilson of Boston with the spirit form of a young lady, to whom he was engaged Above: Mrs. Foster of New York with the spirit of Ada Isaak Menken, a prominent actress, 1870-1875 Above: Frederick A. Frederick Hudson was the first spirit photographer in England (and Europe).

It attempted communication with spirits and was, in part, a response to Liberalism, Rationalism and Materialism which were then devastating Europe and the cause of religion in particular.

Arguably, one of the reasons why not a few people with religious sensibilities dabbled with Spiritualism was because they felt compelled to demonstrate empirical evidence of spiritual forces.

Those responsible for the formation of the London Spiritual Alliance were the Rev.

Stonehenge is a celebrated venue of festivities during the winter solstice - the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere - and it attracts thousands of revellers, spiritualists and tourists.

, I came across some intriguing research on the movement known as “Spiritualism” or “Spiritism.” Regretfully, this was an area that I was not able to incorporate much in the book. has perhaps one of the best books on the subject entitled (see also here).

I would like to sketch briefly the “hidden” history between the Spiritualism movement and the prayer to St. For a more in-depth look at the history of Spiritualism and its relation to the Catholic Church, Fr. For our purposes, Spiritualism was a movement that began roughly in the mid-1800s.

The College Archives are a unique collection of documentary material dating back to the earliest years of Victorian Spiritualism.

In 1873 the British National Association of Spiritualists was formed and in 1884 this association was re-organised to become The London Spiritualist Alliance which was renamed The College of Psychic Science and subsequently The College of Psychic Studies .

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From the point of view of the believing Catholic, these strivings after higher knowledge have in them something which is at once piteous and abject.

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