Dating customs in the victorian era

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Dating customs in the victorian era

It also set the tone for fashion, social order and general culture throughout Europe and the United States.Queen Victoria’s predecessor, King William IV, had lived a life of public excess.The sheets, when folded and sealed with wax, could be mailed..Hill observed that postal charges were by distance and by the number of pages, rather than by weight.

"The rules and suggestions for courtship and romance occupy most of the space in Victorian etiquette and letter writing books.

The Victorian era lasted from 1837 to 1901 and happened toward the end of the industrial revolution.

The period that saw the expanding of both the British Empire and the middle class responded to rapid cultural changes with rigid societal expectations.

Dating in the Victorian era in America and in Britain meant navigating through a fog of modesty, prudence, ritual, corsets, top hats, calling cards, and your inner voice feverishly whispering etiquette book platitudes: "There is no propriety in voluntarily prolonging your ride, with a young gentleman, till after dark!

" "Nothing can take the place of true genuine manhood!

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A popular poem of the time, by James Beaton, alludes to the mass popularity of Valentine Cards.

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