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As of 2011, 25 years had passed since the final recordings of Spider were released and the band broke up, making it an appropriate time to reassess the group on this two-CD compilation containing the A- and B-sides of all of its singles.

Sniffa just keeps turning out those Chuck Berry guitar riffs, and the group vocals rarely stray far from celebrating rock & roll and musing about the desire for sex.

The producer, Tony Wilson, introduced them to Maggi Farren, who set up a recording deal with Creole Records as well as getting the band a support slot on the 1981 Slade Winter Tour.

Spider released the single "Talkin' 'bout Rock 'n' Roll" with Creole, which featured as part of Radio 1's play list. However RCA, who had made a late bid for the band, and after negotiations, Spider signed a 6-year recording contract with the record label.1982 continued with Spider packing out the Marquee Club once a month.

Maybe he moved from the basement to the upstairs bedroom, I mean now that it's foiled and all.

You know, like baby steps to acquainting himself with the real world.

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If only there was some way to delete a comment after you typed it but before you post it. I know, but they're in those uniforms and the white is surrounded by red... I thought it would be funny to place that picture with that caption..things didn't go as planned.

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