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Chris hemsworth dating

But if Hemsworth isn’t the fairest of the male-ingénue set, who is?

Channing Tatum’s a hot young hunk raring to go, and in terms of sheer sexiness, just raw, straight-up, wham-bam appeal, he’s the winner, hands down. (He knows it, too, and uses it; it’s part of what makes him such a sly—and amusing—presence on-screen.) Bradley Cooper is the guy who was out of your league in college. Like you might have gotten lucky with him if the lenses on his beer goggles were sufficiently thick and/or fogged and/or smeary.

And a bit player—a waiter or, possibly, a fellow paying customer—leans into me and says, sotto voce, “Quite a view,” and I, keeping my gaze fixed on the sapphire-eyed person across the table from me, reply, “It certainly is,” my lips twitching in the faintest of ironic smiles. K., well, the exchange with the waiter/paying customer never happened, but the rest of the account is cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die true.

The restaurant: Geoffrey’s, pronounced the way the snooty English butler from pronounced it, not the way the flesh-eating serial killer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, pronounced it, and perched on a bluff above the Malibu stretch of the Pacific, which, for my money, knocks the Côte d’Azur right on its derrière. It was a strong show all around, but the best bit was a send-up of those American Express commercials that feature famous people presenting themselves in modest, no-frills, this-is-the-real-me ways that are actually self-congratulatory and carefully contrived and showbiz slick.

They're the Australian-born Hollywood stars who are set to appear together in new superhero blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok.

And as Chris Hemsworth, 33, and Cate Blanchett, 48, stepped out for Comic Con International in San Diego on Saturday, the actors appeared to be in good spirits.

In the signature faux-humble voice-over (the better to brag to you with, my dear), he says, “When I got to Hollywood, they said I’d never make it as an actor—they said I was too tall, too blond, my muscles were too big.” The line got a roar from the studio audience. It verges, in fact, on the parodic, so why not parody it?Just the three of us alone in a room sampling penises was a very strange experience for us.” “Guess what? I laughed the whole time,” Ed Helms, who plays Rusty Griswold all grown up, admitted. "Someone would have messed that up, because they would be thinking, ‘This is so funny what I am doing with my thing, and I am going to be really, super funny with it.’ He wasn't. “Thankfully I was off camera for almost all of it... He was playing it as if he was fully clothed.” six-pack on top of it. “And the skin quality looks like-- Come on, that looks so soft. “We had no idea what we were getting into with him and we had no idea he was going to be so good in that role,” Daley added.“We didn't know how he would play it, if he would try to play up the comedy too much, try too hard.

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I got a bit bored with myself and wanted to try something different.' Comic Con was something of a family affair for Chris, whose brother Luke, 36, was also in attendance.