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The only news here is that the number isn't closer to 100 percent.

It always has been — and always will be — illegal for sexual predators to enter a restroom. So Senate Bill 6, Texas’ new so-called "bathroom bill," unveiled yesterday in the faux-name of safety, is unnecessary.

The list of victims is far more expansive that you might ever imagine.

The Internet provides this type of environment for women more than any other vehicle in history." In next month's article I will discuss the myriad of pornography's victims-those who lie in the wake of porn wreckage.

A recent poll conducted by Texans for Dan Patrick shows almost 70 percent of Texans support "passing a law to make it illegal for a man to enter a women's restroom." Shocker.

This is like asking if we like barbecue or football, or if we want our trash picked up.

Last year, a single law enforcement sting, called Operation Broken Heart III, arrested 126 internet predators in the Houston area while eight were arrested in Ft. Fifteen — out of about 100 who contacted undercover officers posing as teenagers online — were arrested in North Texas in 2015 for suspected sexual behavior.

Quite disturbing were the 12-year old twin girls in Houston who let a man they met online into their home through a bedroom window.

My question involves criminal law for the state of: Illinois WARNING=MAYBE GRAPHIC My best friend (X)came to me worried. He visits gay chat sites not very often, to find someone to "relieve himself" with. he was approached by a 14 year old guy from California and they briefly talked about masturbation, nothing too graphic, my friend said.

I said I would try to find out if he is in trouble. Thank You, X's Friend Well he could be, forensic cops can and have traced calls from blocked numbers before.

Now he is paranoid that he was on the chat room with an Undercover and is afraid of getting arrested and being labeled a sex offender for the rest of his life. But, the 14 year old would of had to be an undercover cop, or working with one, which I doubt.

The chat rooms are full of undercover officers doing stings to protect the children from people just like your friend.

Many leading scientists, psychologists, therapists and religious leaders consider this book to be one of the most important works ever written on this subject, and a must-read for parents, spouses, clergy and counselors.

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Just as it does for men, Internet porn/cybersex becomes a "drug of choice" where women find pleasure, relief and escape (self-medication) from the pain, stress and realities of everyday life.