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Books about dating after divorce

The books here are those that I know to be of high quality and generally useful for most people going through divorce. Less than 100 pages long, this book focuses on the esoteric (maintaining spiritual health through communing with nature) and the eminently practical (exactly what utensils you need to start over again in the kitchen).

A book doesn’t make it to this page unless I’ve read it cover to cover and believe it to be solid and broadly applicable. Senn is a veteran of divorce who speaks frankly of her own journey from her role as “Mother-and-Savior-of-Everyone” (her words) to a person enjoying “the most amazingly full and rewarding life I could ever have imagined.” Good reading.

With a variety of topics discussed, it opens readers’ eyes to issues they may have never considered.

Since My Divorce is a therapeutic outlet for divorcees who want their voice heard and want to gain perspective on their unique situation.

She looked desperate – sad, unhappy and totally out of place. I then got ordered way-too much wine and cried in to my napkin, surrounded by couples and a table full of hen-night woman who were having a much better time that I was.

As she revealed to her date, she hadn’t been single since she was 14 and found the whole thing utterly terrifying. ” the waitress asked me the first night I stayed in a hotel. It is hard to be single, especially if, like Turner, you haven’t spent much of your adult life fending for yourself.

Among her first-person tales of dating disasters are the man who removed his false teeth at dinner and then attempted to eat shitake mushrooms; the men who want taking care of; the men who bore on about cars, and those who really just want someone to tuck up next to them in bed so they feel less alone.

Are there stories you’d like to share about your experiences? The site is a well-known powerhouse, so readers know they can trust the advice, which ranges from real stories to funny pieces that lighten the seriousness that often comes with divorce.

I wish I had, had this book when going through my own divorce!

Practical, savvy, and wide-ranging, this resource shows men and women how to avoid the pitfalls that turn a straightforward divorce into a nightmare.

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