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We’d also like to clarify that our call center agents will not engage in a chat conversation via Skype.

Chat option is available through a different application on this page.

To visit Austria is to experience brilliant architecture in dramatic landscapes.

Whether you travel through Austria's picture perfect countryside or stay in its imperial cities - architectural masterpieces are to be found everywhere.

The event was designed to encourage communication between refugees and aid workers and included a contest in which four teams pitched ideas, which were prepared and researched beforehand, to a panel of four judges."Where 2 Help," which placed first in the contest, makes it easier for volunteers to locate where they are most needed to assist the arrival of refugees in the country.When France invaded the Austrian Netherlands in the War of the Austrian Succession (which was another European elite's inheritance conflict of elites costing the lives of many) in 1740, the Dutch defense proved worthless and the French conquered the Southern Netherlands and parts of the Dutch Republic.But at the conclusion of the war French King Louis XV decided to return all the conquered territories to the original owners as a gesture, which meant Austrian power restored in the Southern Netherlands.The ideas of the French Revolution (1789) soon spread across Europe and caused the Brabantian Revolution (1790) in the Austrian Netherlands, declaring independence of the United States of Belgium.The Austrian authorities were able to quell this revolt but in 1794 the French First Republic invaded the Southern Netherlands.

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It's a location-based chat so you can use channels to see where other refugees are and chat with them.

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