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Andy baldwin dating rumors

In New York City, Baldwin worked as a busboy at the disco Studio 54.

From 1976 to 1979, he attended George Washington University.

When he wasn’t working or studying, Baldwin played tennis, baseball, football, and basketball. He swam on their varsity team and was enrolled in the Navy’s ROTC program. The Navy awarded him a Navy Health Professions Scholarship, which he used to attend the University of California, San Fransisco. After earning his doctorate he did an internship and completed various Navy diving programs.

He managed to save up about ,000 for college before he graduated – which he did as valedictorian.

Andrew Baldwin was born in 1977 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he grew up with a brother and sister.

“For the next six months, work is my life.” Andy’s pal reveals the reason he’s shunning romance: Andy fell hard for Marla Maples, but the romance turned sour when the U.

The Bachelorette star De Anna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak, her fiancé, are getting married next year — and in a twist only appropriate for their reality TV romance, former Bachelor star Andy Baldwin will perform the ceremony! Andy Baldwin got his freak on (or at least drooled like a complete loser at) more than two dozen women (25) on the hit reality TV series The Bachelor.

Former Bachelor star Andy Baldwin has quit dating and vows to abstain from sex for at least six months! “Andy went from a laid-back life in Hawaii to the rigors of a demanding career in D. “Right now he can’t handle his career and women, so he’s focusing solely on work.” Andy had lived in Hawaii for three years.

“It’s true,” Andy, 31, confirms exclusively to In Touch.

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Through the Navy, he notably treated over 600 rural Laotians for dengue, malaria, and malnutrition.

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